International Commodity Fair
In Vietnam

ICF Vietnam is Vietnam’s first and largest trade and retail trade show, the first ever retail and trade promotion event in Vietnam with more than 20 countries and regions. Germany, Italy, France, USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India.

With large scale, advertising campaigns in the country and internationally, through many attractive channels and performance attract, create impressive characteristics for businesses and users. This fair aims to “New, diverse, characteristic for Vietnamese users”.

Market information: seduce all the commodities such as fashion, cosmetics, food & beverage, electrical appliances, furniture, gifts, cosmetics and special designs.

– Food: sugar, milk, candy, beverage, real function
– Electronics: electronics, pre-refrigeration, smart objects.
– Furniture: tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, lamps, TV racks, wallpaper, ….
– Kitchenware: bowls, plates, cup warmers, pots, …
– Handicraft: handicrafts from wood, stone, rattan, cloth, etc.
– Fashion: clothes, shoes, bags, accessories
– Jewelery and accessories
– Perfumes, cosmetics, shampoo oil, skin care products, hair, etc.
– Toys: smart toys
– Special designed products: pictures, pictures ….